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What you should know about the brown discharge before period – true and false facts

Excessive maroon discharge

The majority of women experience regular or irregular spotting before menstrual flow. This spotting may be described as just some drops of blood or it may be more intensive, it is individual for each woman. But is there really an objective reason to worry if such thing happens? Let’s examine this process from the medical point of view.

A lot of adult women, who experience the brown discharge before period, commonly dismiss it with the monthly menstrual cycle. But gynecologists agree that this spotting doesn’t mean menstruating and such version is just a common mistake. There are pretty lots of factors which may cause these brown discharges and in this article we will discuss the most common of them.

The reasons of the brown discharge before period

There is a number of factors able to cause brown discharge before period. Some of them are totally normal but sometimes such spotting may indicate a certain problem. Usually light brown spots of blood before the period may be simply the remains of the old blood from the previous cycle. This brown could vary in color – from light to medium or even dark brown. But once the period begins, the color should turn into obviously red. In such manner a woman’s vagina tries to clean itself of the remains of the former cycle and the brown discharge works as a way of protection necessary to make the egg clean enough to assimilate if it gets fertilized. In this case we may consider such blood spotting as a natural healthy protection of the female body.

Though some of the reasons are harmless, it is necessary to remember that still there is a risk of a serious health complications, which may be a sign of concern. Among such factors we may define the hormonal imbalance or pathological change in the female organism, which may sometimes refer to the soon menopause. Usually such change of the normal hormone level can give a way to the brown discharge before period.

Another possible reason of the blood discharges are polyps. Polyps are the cells which grow inside the uterus or vagina. And the brown spotting is nothing else but a result of bleeding of these polyps or an intense production of mucus with the unusual composition that varies from the mucus produced by glands of the normal lining. Though it is not a reason to make panic – in 90% after consulting a gynecologist for a necessary treatment a woman can get a positive result to make her cycle get back into normal.

Sometimes the brown discharge may be a sign of a trauma or damage during sexual intercourse. For example, if the cervix is abraded in the process of the sexual contact. The use of the contraceptive pills may also interfere with the hormonal system in the female body. Such pills could change the level of hormones involved in the menstruation and lead to the imbalance of natural order. So any appointment should be obligatory scheduled with a doctor.

The brown spotting usually lasts for less than a few days. Therefore, in case of the blood discharges occur for more than a couple of days, they can be a reason to visit your gynecologist. Don’t make panic in advance thinking of such terrible things as the ovarian cyst or even cancer. These conditions are pretty rare but still remember that even a small dysfunction may lead to serious consequences without a required medical treatment at the earliest stage.

Treatment of brown discharge

As we already mention the blood spotting before menstrual cycle may be just a normal process in which the female body protects itself. Nevertheless, even in case of a certain medical problem every woman should take into consideration that starting of treatment will be the most effective at the early stages.

If a woman experiences some discomfort or even pain in addition to brown discharge before period, she needs a medical consultation immediately. Prolonged spotting also requires increased attention and certain medical tests able to identify the possible cause of bleeding. Though brown discharges rarely lead to serious complications, it is still important to regulate the menstrual cycle. The best way to get your body in normal condition from within is to live a healthy life, to eat more fruit and vegetables, to have a good rest and to avoid stress and depressions. And forget about self-treatment by using pills without consultation of your gynecologist. Only a professional doctor may prescribe required medical treatment to avoid further complications.

In conclusion, it is necessary to mention that brown discharge before period may be caused by various factors, which we discuss in this article. But what every mature woman should keep in mind is that healthy lifestyle will be always the best way to avoid any cause of a possible problem in future.