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Pink Discharge in Early Pregnancy – Is it Normal or a Reason to Panic?

Pink tinged creamy discharge early pregnancy

The majority of women may observe pink discharge during the early stages of pregnancy. Some of them mistakenly associate such bleeding with a miscarriage but there is usually a scientific explanation for why this happens.

It is hard to determine the exact reason for a pink discharge but most doctors agree that usually it occurs as a result of a hormonal imbalance in the female body. The production of estrogen increases and a certain amount of blood flows to the vaginal area. This discharge may be from old cells from the walls of the vagina or cervcal secretions. Though blood spotting may vary in color – from brown to red, nevertheless pink is the most common one. During early stages of pregnancy the blood spotting is rather light and corresponds to the mix of blood and vaginal fluid. That explains why the color is pink but not red.

 The color of the discharge is a worrisome thing. Regardless of the complications that may occur, pink discharges in early pregnancy never prevent you from giving birth to a healthy baby. Today’s medicine and multiple treatment options make the treatment of any condition possible. All you have to do is tovisit a professional if you have any abnormal discharges.

Another cause of pink discharge in early pregnancy may befrom an infection. In these cases, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist in order to avoid complications. In addition, if a woman suffers from intense bleeding, a doctor may advise her to avoid sexual intercourse for a certain amount of time until these discharges stop.

It is important to keep in mind that overwork and stress may also become a significant factor influencing pink discharge in pregnant women. Too much physical activity and worries are not desirable and even harmful both for the woman and her unborn baby. That is why it is so important for a future mother to relax, to eat more fruit and vegetables and to avoid anything in her life that is causing stress and depression.

Placental Problems

During the first trimester of your pregnancy, you may notice spotting that can be the sign of placental problems. These problems are widespread, and aren’t considered to be safe. They can be the indicators of complications like placenta abruptions and pre-term delivery. However, when these conditions are not neglected, they are quite treatable.

Can Pink Discharge Mean Miscarriage?

Yes, it can. There are instances, during the first stages of miscarriage when a woman notices slight spotting that is taken for granted. However, later it progresses to a very heavy bleeding that is accompanied by cramps and pain. This is why any changes in the discharges (odor, color or amount) should never be neglected.

Ectopic Pregnancy Dangers

One more reason for pink discharges in early pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy that occurs when the fertilized egg gets is not attached the wall of the uterus, but to any other location. The condition is also referred to as tubal pregnancy (the fertilized egg gets attached to the Fallopian tube).

Tubal pregnancy can become a threatening condition, if the fertilized egg starts developing in the tube, damaging it and leading to heavy and painful discharges.

In rare cases, the condition causes heavy spotting and terrible abdominal pain. You must seek immediate medical attention in these cases.

Sexual Intercourse as the Main Trigger

Changes in the cervix are the main changes that take place in the woman’s body during the early stages of her pregnancy. Sexual intercourse makes the cervical blood vessels start bleeding after the penis makes contact against the cervix. Not all women experience such discharges after sex, but there are some that do. A woman can notice slight bleeding, following intercourse. If the bleeding is light pink, there is nothing to be worried about. When it becomes red and heavy, you should consult your gynecologist. Professional medical examination and proper care will help you to avoid possible complications and health risks.

 Although pink discharge in early pregnancy is considered to be normal, don’t forget to visit a doctor if the bleeding continues for too long. The responsibility of a future mother is to take care of her physical condition and to observe all of the changes that are occurring in her body during pregnancy. Our advice to all women is to pay special attention to any cases of bleeding, but not to panic. It is important to remember that a healthy lifestyle and a good mood are the only things that really matter in every stage of pregnancy.