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Clear Watery Discharge: Common Causes and Accompanying Symptoms

White watery discharge before first period

Any discharge (regardless of consistency, amount, color and odor) is a sign of a balance of healthy bacteria and infections in the vagina. Stress and physical exercise may cause an increase in the amount, but that doesn’t change the situation. The clear watery discharge that a woman releases all the time is intended to carry away dead cells and bacteria.

Its consistency is affected by different factors, but when the discharge is getting thinner, it means that the woman is not ovulating. In any case, there is a slight discomfort that every woman should learn to bear. But when the clear watery discharge smells foul, it is the indicator of a problem.

Main Causes of Clear Watery Discharge

Normally, clear watery discharges occur at different parts of the cycle and are heavy after exercise. BUT if they smell foul, they are the first signs of problems, among which bacterial vaginitis takes 1st place. It causes the discharges that are accompanied by itching, redness and burning. Can such a condition be treated? Yes, it can! A specialist will definitely prescribe antibiotics.

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If you consider self-treatment as an option, forget this idea. Why? Different medications contribute to the increase in the amount of watery discharge. Those women, who are currently on birth control pills or steroids, are at a risk of experiencing a decrease in the thickness of normal discharges.

Clear watery discharge can also be the consequence of Trichomoniasis. Though this condition can be treated, the medication is rather expensive.

However, having clear watery discharge does not always mean a woman has problems. Ovulation, for example, can increase the amount of these discharges and change their thickness. Preventing ovulation leads to the thinning out of discharges.

Clear Watery Discharge before Period

When the discharge occurs before period it means that it clears the uterine lining, as well as gets rid of old cells and debris from the uterus. Clear watery discharge keeps the vagina healthy.

During the menstrual period, the color, as well as the consistency of the discharge, undergoes some changes. With the approach of ovulation, cervical mucus assists sperm to reach the egg. This body mechanism ensures that a woman has a maximum chance of conception. Nevertheless, clear watery discharge may be the sign of a problem.

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When the cervical mucus starts changing its consistency to that of cottage cheese and emits an odor, it indicates a yeast infection that is probably accompanied by burning, itching and pain. Various bacterial infections can also cause watery discharges that soon become thick and yellowish green.

From time to time, every woman has to deal with these two problems. However, they are quite easily treated with antibiotics.

Discharges during Pregnancy

Clear watery discharges during pregnancy are quite common. They are mild-smelling or odorless and sticky. Their amount may increase and become much more visible.  As a rule, such discharges are caused by two primary causes:

  • the rise in the level of estrogen
  • the flow of blood towards the vagina during pregnancy

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During the first 8 weeks, the watery discharge may be slightly red, getting its color from the spots of blood. Later it becomes either clear or egg white.

Don’t Mix up the Conditions

Many women are leaking beyond their normal discharge volume. This is when they are leaking urine BUT confuse it with vaginal discharge. Urinary incontinence leads to the loss of bladder control and usually occurs in younger women, who’ve just given birth. Sometimes it affects women in their 50s: sudden pressure on the lower stomach muscles (after running, for example) which leads to such discharges. To prevent this situation, a woman should perform Kegel exercises that strengthen the muscles and help to control the bladder.

7 Rules of Discharges Control

The amount of clear white discharges can be controlled. Let’s find out how:

  1. reduce the amount of douching, because this alters your vaginal pH;
  2. treat the abnormal discharge you experience with proper medications;
  3. wear cotton underpants in order to help the area breathe properly;
  4. go for unscented bathroom tissue to reduce irritation that causes the increase in vaginal discharge;
  5. always use a panty liner pad in order to help soak up both odor and discharge;
  6. switch your oral contraceptive;
  7. Seek medical attention if you experience abnormal changes. Don’t count on self-treatment, as this can be a very dangerous way to treat the condition.

Pain, itching and burning are not typical characteristics of clear watery discharge. If you have any of these symptoms, you should report them.