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All You Need to Know about Dark Brown Discharges

Dark brown cervical discharge

Discharges between periods are experienced by every woman. There is nothing to worry about or to be afraid of. But even knowing that such spotting is usual, women  invent problems they don’t have and treat health issues they don’t suffer from. To reveal all the secrets, we’ve decided to tell you about dark brown discharges, as they scare women the most.

As there are many factors that may cause the vagina to produce dark brown discharges, you need to know about the most common ones. You should find out what triggers such abnormalities in your case.


‘I have a sexually transmitted disease’, is what an average woman thinks, when she notices a brown colored discharge. These diseases include genital warts and gonorrhea, Chlamydia and many others, but it doesn’t mean you have one of them. STDs are accompanied by pain, loss of appetite, vomiting and a burning sensation. If your discharges are also accompanied by these symptoms, you probably have an STD. If not, then stay calm.

Is It Your First Period?

The first period can also occur as a dark brown spot. Young girls, who have never had a period before, are always looking for treatment options on their own, which is a very bad idea.

Keep in mind that a few dark brown spots just before your first period are a normal and natural experience.

Do Discharges Have Anything to Do with Ovulation?

If you are in the middle of your menstrual cycle and experience dark brown discharges, then they are connected with ovulation. With an average 28-30 day menstrual cycle ovulation takes place on the 14th-16th day. This is when the mature egg is released from the ovary and a woman may have dark brown discharges.

Discharges & Menopause

Women, who are near menopause, can experience brown discharges instead of a period. During this period, menstruations are irregular and an occasional vaginal discharge of brown color is experienced by many women. These discharges are safe, though they are accompanied by depression and body ache, or simply can have a foul urine odor.

Less Stress!

Stress is not always caused by a negative experience. Different feelings and things contribute to its occurrence: love and passion, sadness and fear, diseases and death, abuse and danger, etc.

All these feelings are the triggers of dieting and eating disorders, which lead to dark brown spotting that any girl or woman can experience. If you are under stress, the adrenal glands produce stress hormones that affect sex hormones, which are responsible for regular menstrual cycles.

If she is subjected to extreme stress and depression all the time, a woman may suffer physically as well: the uterus lining becomes thin, which makes blood oxidize and become brown. All of these factors contribute to the changes in the menstrual cycle and the color of the discharge.

Brown Discharges after the Intercourse Are the Signs of…..?

Many women notice dark brown discharges after intercourse. Normally, that scares them a lot. And it should! The main causes of these vaginal discharges include irritations and inflammations, cervical dysplasia and sexually transmitted diseases, cervical polyps and yeast infections.

Ask yourself, whether you trust your sexual partner, and where you could get these health problems from…

Don’t Exclude Pregnancy

Not only light pink, but also dark brown spotting occurs in cases of early pregnancy. It is an indicator that a woman has conceived. Normally, the spotting or discharge occurs just a few days after conception, when the fertilized egg gets attached to the uterine wall. The condition is referred to as implantation bleeding and may last up to 4 days.

Cervical Cancer as the Most Dangerous Cause

There is no doubt that cervical cancer is a very serious condition, which is also the most dangerous trigger of dark brown discharges. The cancer of this nature is caused by the virus HPV that is spread during sexual intercourse. Some other causes are having multiple sex partners, having sex at a young age and suffering from a weakened immune system.

Brown discharges and pelvic pain are accompanied by a loss of appetite, weight loss, as well as fatigue, leg pain, etc.

There are both normal and abnormal (dangerous) triggers of dark brown discharges. If having them is normal for you, you should stay calm. In case you experience the discharge for the first time and feel discomfort, you’d better ask for the help of a professional to know what caused the appearance of the discharges and what can prevent their re-occurrence.