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What Does Brown Discharge Mean? Why Does It Occur? How to Treat It?

Brown discharge means what

There are various reasons for brown discharges. If you refuse  a professional consultation, you miss a chance to reveal the secrets. This is why, when looking for the answer to the question ‘What does brown discharge mean?, you should consult  a professional and read the information provided below.

… Because of Implantation Bleeding

This is the most common answer to this question. Brown discharge (light or dark) is frequently an important sign of your pregnancy. It occurs after fertilization, when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus walls, causing the breakage of blood vessels. Mixing with the tissues and natural bacteria in the vagina, the discharges change their color from pink to brown.

There is nothing that you should worry about, if the reason for the spotting is pregnancy. Although it is time to change your life completely, it is not a disease or a severe condition. You must follow the changes in the color and texture of the discharges to be able to define what is normal or abnormal for you and your body.

… Because of Stress and Depression

Did you know that when you are under stress, the inner lining of the uterus becomes relatively thin and there is a delay in shedding the endometrial wall? Such delays make the blood oxidize and become discolored or brown.

If you notice that stress becomes an inevitable part of your everyday life, you need to learn to cope with it with the help of various relaxation techniques. Learn to avoid the problems and dangers that lead to stress, because stress contributes to irregular menstrual cycles and is the reason of brown discharges.

… Because of PID

PID is pelvic inflammatory disease, which is a very serious infection in the upper genital tract (ovaries, the Fallopian tubes and uterus). The condition has two sources:

  1. it can be transmitted sexually
  2. it can be characterized as ‘naturally occurring’

PID begins with the bacteria that have travelled up to the cervix, affecting the uterus, ovaries and Fallopian tubes. In most cases, PID leads to scar tissue that develops between internal organs and may cause ectopic pregnancy.

Since it is one of the primary causes of brown discharges, it can be a trigger of infertility and chronic infections.

… Because of Irregular Menstruation

What does brown discharge mean? Irregular menstruation is also on the list of triggers. To prevent this condition, you need to know the factors that lead to irregular cycles. These factors include excess weight and loss of appetite, infections and stress, poor hygiene and multiple sexual partners.

… Because of Yeast Infection

Brown vaginal discharges are also by the presence of excess bacteria and yeast in the female sexual organs. Normally yeast and bacteria are present in small amounts, and their excess growth may lead to serious health issues that are hard to treat.

Avoiding the Problems

Your main task is to think of the triggers that lead to occurrence of brown discharges. To eliminate the risk, you should refrain from smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol as these habits contribute to changes in the menstrual cycles.

You should make sure that you don’t use too many chemical products on the genitals. Jellies and various oils that serve as lubrication sources can be dangerous.

It is important to be careful what you eat, as eating habits affect not only the amount and color of discharges, but also all systems of the human body. Make sure that your organism gets enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals to build a strong immune system and to fight infections and problem triggers.

If you are looking for reliable relief, you should change your life. It is important to exercise more, drink more water and rest more.  You should keep in mind that no matter what caused the occurrence of the discharges, there are many treatment options to choose from. You should never consider self-treatment to get rid of the problems that you have. Dealing with the reproductive system is not the same as dealing with flu or fever. The condition is far more serious and requires professional assistance.

The treatment options for brown discharges include:

  • prescription medication
  • dietary supplements
  • chemotherapy
  • medical testing
  • surgery

Ask your doctor ‘What does brown discharge mean? You should follow his recommendations and advice and find relief from the problems that you have. You will be helped and it will change the situation for the better.