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Brown Discharge Instead of Period: Stand or Prevent?

A brown spotting period

There are many thoughts on your mind as the main reasons why you have brown discharge instead of period. Almost all women think about the worst conditions and consequences. But are they really true? It would be wrong to state that they are or aren’t, as cases differ and it depends on the woman’s body and  lifestyle. It is important to determine when the condition is safe, and in what situations you should  consult a professional.

In MOST Cases

A brown discharge instead of a period normally happens because of late periods.  In this condition, the body of a woman expels the old uterine lining. These discharges can be observed for up to three days, and then a female has her usual period. If the menstrual flow doesn’t follow the discharges, you should seek medical help.

Is there anything to add? Yes… To tell the truth, the vaginal canal is a self-cleaning system that expels dead cells and lining. Sometimes, when the lining is not eliminated, it resides within the uterus for up to a month. This is why women experience brown discharges instead of periods.

Suffering from Hormonal Imbalance…

In nearly 30% of cases, hormonal dysfunctions are regarded as the main reasons for discharges that occur instead of periods. Suchan imbalance can be experienced during PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Diseases), Hyperprolactinemia and Ovarian Premature Failure.

Possessing Implantation Hemorrhaging

After fertilization, the fertilized ovum and zygote travel to the Fallopian tubes and up to the womb. During this ‘travel’ the zygote becomes a large embryo that burrows into the urine coating, leading to brown discharges instead of periods.

Such blood loss can last from 6 up to 10 times. Women who check the ovulation, know that implantation spotting occurs once per week before the credited interval.

The Dangers of Birth Control Pills

Contraception pills are used by millions of women and young girls all over the world. These are synthetic forms of progesterone taken for pregnancy prevention. How do they work? They actually inhibit the natural cyclical hormones of the body. Normally, they stop the body releasing an egg, thereby eliminating the possibility of pregnancy.

How are they related to brown discharges? They change the cervical mucus and make the lining change its color as well. This is why they are responsible for brown spotting instead of periods.

What about Severe Conditions?

As a rule, brown discharges are safe. If there is any infection in the vagina, the spotting becomes yellow, red or green and is characterized by large amounts and an unpleasant smell.

However, there are some exceptional cases that should also be mentioned. Brown discharges during periods can be caused by the following conditions:

  • pelvic inflammatory condition
  • cervical pain
  • chlamydia
  • gonorrhea
  • syphilis

How do you know what condition you are suffering from? Each of these conditions is accompanied by a number of symptoms that a woman can experience. For example, some females claim that through the cycle they can experience brown discharges and suffer from their thickening, which is accompanied by severe pain. Do you have the same symptoms?

Some other signs of serious problems include:

  1. itching
  2. burning
  3. vaginal dry skin
  4. distress during sex

Nowhere to Hide from Menopause

 Every woman experiences this condition. The transition process is called peri-menopause and begins several years before menopause. The ovaries start producing less estrogen and the whole reproductive system slows down. The condition is normally associated with irregular cycles and ovulations, leading to natural permanent infertility.

One of the initial stages of perimenopause, is that every woman can have brown discharges instead of her periods. Discharges are noticed along with vaginal dryness and night sweats, hot flashes, sleep disruption, mood swings and confusion.

Is It Possible to Prevent Brown Discharges?

If they are caused by normal changes that the body undergoes, then you will not be able to change anything. However, if they are triggered by infections, you can prevent the condition, by having a safe sexual life, keeping to simple hygiene rules and consulting a physician on a regular basis.

It is also important to manage the stressful conditions that you face every day, since stress contributes to brown discharge instead of period as well. Good luck!