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Brown Discharge after Period. 4 Cases When the Secretion Becomes a Reason for Concern

After period pain and discharge

The occurrence of brown discharge after period is commonly referred to as a quite normal case. In 90% of chances it is a leftover of blood and old tissue that remains in the body because if the menstrual cycles irregularity.

When, due to various factors, the period is irregular, older blood that comes after its end is brown simply because it stayed in the body longer or is affected by the hormonal changes the body undergoes. Spotting of brown color right after a normal period is regarded to be normal and pretty common.

Sometimes the occurrence of brown vaginal secretions is related to the uterus lining that gives way to menstrual bleeding – endometrial tissues. Remnants of the tissue become brown right after discharges from the vagina. These secretions are safe, because they are a part of a cleaning process of the uterus. Some women notice such secretions in 4 weeks after the menstrual cycle. As the term is pretty long, the case is connected with implantation bleeding and is the earliest sign of pregnancy.

In more serious cases brown discharges after period can be related to a slight damage of any of reproductive organs. Such conditions require professional examination and can be accompanied by heavy bleeding after brown discharges, lower abdominal pain and discomfort.

Dangerous Triggers of Brown Discharge after Period

Not all women know that a number of STD may cause the occurrence of brown vaginal discharge after period. Though, such conditions are pretty rare, their occurrence is possible. The additional symptoms such health issues are accompanied with include fatigue, abdominal pain and digestive upset. Before telling more about these STDs, it’s important to mention that they all can be effectively treated with a course of antibiotics, but the duration depends on complications and varies from woman to woman.

Pelvic inflammatory disease is one of such issues and is caused either by gonorrhea or chlamydia. The condition becomes very dangerous for a woman if left untreated. In addition she may suffer from irregular menstrual bleeding, heavy vaginal discharges of brown color, abdominal pain, pain during urination and sexual intercourse, etc.

Cervical or uterine cancer is another reason of brown vaginal discharges right before period. Such condition is very rare, but still can be treated if caught on early stages. If not, it becomes a life-threatening issue.

BV or bacterial vaginosis leads to brown spotting in many women. The secretions a woman experiences during this health issue have a fishy odor. The risks of bacterial vaginosis are increased for those women, who have developed an unhealthy habit of frequent douching, use contraceptive intrauterine devices, smoke a lot and have multiple sexual partners. The case is curable, but the process requires much time, patience and money.

Yeast is always present in all moist areas of the woman’s body. The infection is characterized by the inflammation of external genital organs and the vagina during the growth of the vaginal yeast. Though the condition is not sexually transmitted, it has all the symptoms of a STD – soreness, burning, vaginal pain and itching and, of course, brown spotting after period.

These are 10% of cases, when brown discharge after period are abnormal and require professional examination and treatment course based on the intake of antibiotics. To be on the safe side, check what triggered the occurrence of such secretion in your case.