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Clear Discharge: What Could Have Caused It?

Women who have clear discharge

Vaginal discharges are common to every woman, as by their means the body is trying to clear itself. Unfortunately, not all women are aware of this biological process and get worried every time they have discharges.  It’s really difficult to say, whether their worries are at all groundless, because sometimes, a discharge is a sign of a problem (diseases, infections). Speaking about clear discharges, it should be mentioned that they are mostly considered to be normal.

They occur due to natural cleansing, hormone changes and sexual arousal. Though all women experience them, the frequency of their occurrence varies from person to person. When the discharge is normal, it is colorless and odorless. During ovulation, it becomes whitish.

Infections that May Cause Clear Discharge

Though, mostly clear discharges are signs of normal body functioning, there are cases, when they require special attention:

  • Period of ovulation. The quantity of the discharge may increase closer to the date of period. The day when the amount is the largest, is the 1st day of the menstrual period. In rare cases, clear discharge becomes white and then brown, this is when you are to seek for medical help.
  • Сlear discharges may occur before a sexual intercourse, which is normal as well. The discharge is lubrication, which is necessary for penetration.
  • If you are exercising, you may soon notice clear discharge. It’s not a sign of a problem or fail in the functioning of the organism. This is how your body shows it is exhausted and needs rest.
  • In many cases clear discharge is the first sign of pregnancy. It occurs because of the increase of the estrogen level in the organism of a pregnant woman. This is when the discharge includes several cervical secretions that create a protective barrier of the cervical canal.
  • Sexually transmitted infections. Well, yes… This is the very case, when you are to get worried about the occurrence of clear discharges. The commonest infections are gonorrhea, BV and yeast infection.

In 90% of cases there is no need to worry about clear discharge. Yes, it is not pleasant… Yes, it causes discomfort… Yes, you may feel ashamed… However, you should worry, when you don’t have  clear discharges at all, and not when you have some of it.