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Clear Discharge before Period: Causes, Occurrence, Consequences

Mucus discharge right before period

It is hard to tell what clear discharge before period means in each particular case. It depends greatly on the age of a woman who experiences the discharge and the medications that she is taking. Among the most common things that may have an impact are health problems, pregnancy, diabetes and sexual activity.

Sexual activity itself causes many symptoms, which mainly depend on the kind and number of sexual partners, as well as the sexual activity that a woman is engaged in. If the discharge is accompanied by itching, it indicates there is an infection that should be immediately treated. When left unnoticed, it leads to the development of sexually transmitted diseases and infertility.

Clear discharge before a period normally occurs due to the beginning of the cycle or it can be a sign of pregnancy.

Infections That Cause Clear Discharge

Usually a normal amount of clear discharge is fertile mucus, but when it is associated with unpleasant smell or itching, cramps and other unpleasant symptoms, a woman should pay special attention to the slightest changes and consult a professional.

Clear discharge before period may be caused by sexually transmitted infections: yeast infection, BV and Gonorrhea. Yeast infections are sexually transmitted and occur in warm moist areas. There are many various conditions that affect the immune system and cause these infections. Those women, who take birth control pills, are especially susceptible to yeast infections.

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Clear Discharge and Pregnancy

Clear discharge before period is connected with ovulation. The quantity usually increases closer to the date of period. The day when the amount is the largest, is considered to be the first day of the menstrual period. In case the color of the discharge becomes brown, it is necessary to seek medical attention.

Such discharges are the earliest signs of pregnancy. They occur due to the increase of estrogen production in the system of a pregnant woman. The discharge consists of cervical secretions which create a protective barrier in the cervical canal.

Usually clear discharge before period is expelled at once, resembling a clear gelatinous globe. Sometimes it is slightly white or brown or can have a bit of blood in it. Clear discharge before period can also occur in a woman before sexual intercourse. This is normal, because it provides lubrication, which is necessary for penetration. Clear discharge may occur because of heavy exercising, which is also normal. When it is noticed soon after the last period, it is a sign of the vagina’s cleaning out.

When the Discharge Is Normal?

There is no definite answer to this question. The amount of the discharge varies from woman to woman and depends on one’s body, even if it is not the sign of any infection or problem. Different women have different ideas as to what is normal. However, if the amounts are so heavy that they make a woman change underwear or panty shields several times a day, then it is reason for concern. This is when it is important to consult a doctor to find out the real reason why she has so much discharge and what she can do about it.

In addition, the amount of clear discharge before period is greatly influenced by hormonal changes in the body of a woman. The week before a period is mainly associated with the increase of the discharge, which is normal.

Every woman should know that such discharges usually occur before sexual intercourse and serve as lubrication that is needed for penetration. If you take oral contraceptives, the amounts of discharges increase as well, because pills normally affect the hormonal levels, causing different changes.

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Can We Talk about Treatment?

 There are two types of discharges: normal and abnormal.  With normal discharges you don’t have to look for treatment solutions, since they are the part of proper body functioning. However, if the discharge is abnormal, you have to think of how to protect yourself.

When is the discharge abnormal? If you notice changes in the amounts, odor and color of the discharge, then it is abnormal and you have to consult a gynecologist.

The treatment of abnormal clear discharges before a period depends on the factors, infections and diseases that influenced the changes. To find the solution, your doctor should find the cause, by performing various examinations and tests. Professional consultation will help to avoid anxiety and stress.

Never consider self-treatment as an option. Why? You shouldn’t do it because it is not the way out of your problem. If you don’t know the real reasons, your treatment can lead to further complications that are hard to deal with. In nearly 90% of cases, clear discharges before period are normal, and there is nothing you should be ashamed of. Do they cause discomfort? Yes, they do, but every woman experiences them and learns to cope with the situation. You will learn as well.

No matter what color the discharge is, whether it is smelly or not, convenient or not, consistent or not, you should always consult your healthcare professional to find out the reason why it occurs. If the discharge you are experiencing occurs in increasing proportions, seek   immediate medical help.