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Why Do All Women Have a Clear Discharge after Period?

Clear vaginal discharge after period

To begin with, we’d like to shatter the myth that clear discharge after period is a threat to your health. It’s not and has never been. It is perfectly normal to have clear odorless discharge during at least 2 weeks after your period.

It is one of the parts of the female reproductive cycle, during which the vagina is self-cleaning. The same discharge may increase in amount the closer you get to ovulation or simply when you are sexually aroused.

Clear discharge occurs after period, after puberty and for the rest of woman’s life. As it can bother some women, it’s recommended to wear pantyliner. Besides, it’s important to keep in mind that the amount of a clear discharge after period differs from woman to woman.

When exposed to air this discharge will become yellow, but if it is yellow originally, then you probably have some infection you are to deal with.

What’s the Role of a Clear Discharge after Period?

Changes in vaginal secretions may occur throughout the menstrual cycle. They come from vaginal walls and the cervix as a result of a sexual arousal, during pregnancy and ovulation. Their role in the female reproductive system is great:

  • they keep the vagina free from any infections;
  • they prevent traumas during sexual intercourse;
  • they nourish sperm on its way to the fallopian tubes;
  • they can be the first signs of pregnancy;
  • they help to get rid of infectious materials that are already present in the vagina;
  • they inform about ovulation’s start
  • they are the signs of the beginning of woman’s menstrual period.

At times, clear discharge after period can be connected with the intake of certain medications that affect mucus secretion. That’s why it’s so essential to check with a professional whether you’re taking the medicines that could cause the occurrence of the discharge. The increase in the amount of discharges can also be caused by special diets and intensive water intake, hormonal changes and exercises, illnesses and stress.

Some women notice such discharges all the time, while others have very small amounts and don’t pay any attention to them. No matter how old you are, lubrication and wetness in your vagina and vulva are normal. Clear discharges after period are common to any girl and woman starting from 12-13 and till the rest of life.