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Clear Slimy Discharge in Pregnant Women

Too much slimy discharge

It is well-known that discharges of various colors and consistencies are common to all women. If you have clear slimy discharges you are perfectly healthy, but only as long as they are not too cloudy, green or yellow in color.

Discharges occurring before and after periods are natural, and usually their absence and not their presence should be the thing to worry about. This regular discharge means that you’re in your fertile period, which (for most women) occurs two weeks after the start of the period.

If you feel uncomfortable, it is better to wear a panty liner or a gentle glide tampon, if it is too heavy to wear a pad.

But what if you are pregnant and have clear slimy discharges? Do they mean: miscarriage, complications…? Since every woman knows that during her pregnancy she should pay special attention to her body and its health, here are a few things that you need to know.

Clean Slimy Discharges during Pregnancy. Are They Safe?

 Clear, slimy discharges are normally safe during pregnancy, because they are a sign that a woman is going to give birth soon. These discharges aren’t frequent and are not characterized by a large amount of mucous. They are referred to as a preparation stage that is essential for prevention of bacterial penetration into the uterus and vagina.

If you are in the last stage of pregnancy, these discharges can be considered as normal, if they aren’t accompanied by a strong odor, itching or a burning sensation. However, when they become regular and you experience discomfort on an ongoing basis, you require immediate professional attention and care. If there is anything about the discharges that troubles you, it is better to consult a professional rather than taking them for granted.

There are very rare cases, when such discharges may be a sign of complications, but they are still possible. Self-treatment is not recommended, since it can influence both your health and the health of your baby.

A clear slimy discharge during pregnancy is a sign that a woman is going to give birth very soon. There are many situations, when a woman goes into labor a couple of hours after the discharge. However, it usually takes 2-3 days.

This type of discharge is an element of preparation when the body expels the mucus plug for the sanitary protection of the cervix opening. The discharge helps to prevent bacteria from penetrating into the vagina and entering the uterus. This is how the body of a woman keeps the baby safe and healthy.

 The discharge doesn’t differ in color during the preparation for labor, but it does vary in consistency. In most cases, it looks like a usual discharge that every woman has. However there are cases when the discharge is slightly pink in color because it is tinged with blood.

When there is blood and it doesn’t look like a regular discharge, you should consult your doctor. The blood can indicate abruption or placenta previa, which requires special attention and immediate treatment. In case the discharge is very heavy (as in 2-3 tbsp), seek  immediate medical help.

The closer that you are to the 39th week of pregnancy, the greater is the possibility of experiencing the discharge.

Slimy Discharges in Teenagers

Are you a teenager, who is experiencing clear slimy discharges? Don’t panic! You are going through hormonal changes that cause discharges of this type. As a rule, this happens because your body is making an attempt to establish regular menstrual cycles and this is when the cervical glands are getting stimulated by these changes.

Due to Sexual Arousal

Such discharges are normal during sexual stimulation: the glands become stimulated to make sexual activity more enjoyable and comfortable. Some women can experience much heavier amounts of discharges than others do. This depends on the organism and the individual.

As Long as There Is no Odor

If your clear slimy discharges are odorless, there is nothing to be worried about. However, if the discharge has a foul odor, it indicates a problem. The condition should be immediately reported to a health care professional in order to avoid possible complications.

If the discharges have a foul smell, it means that the woman is suffering from an infection that can be sexually transmitted, although some of them aren’t transmitted during intercourse. A foul smell can develop due to the presence of a foreign body in the vagina (a tampon after the period ends) and cause slimy discharges. In rare cases, this also leads to occurrence of different infections that are difficult to cope with.

Clear slimy discharges are safe in about 86% of cases. Though the percentage is rather high, there is no a 100% guarantee a pregnant woman can feel absolutely safe. Pay special attention to the color and amount of the discharge to avert possible negative consequences.