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White Clear Discharge. Can Women Prevent Intensive Secretion?

Women how to reduce white sectetion

The observation of discharges has probably become a usual thing for you, hasn’t it? And there is no wonder about that! Secretion like this is normal as long as it keeps one’s vagina free of any kind of infections, taking away old cells and harmful bacteria. However, there is always one BUT: clear white discharge is safe as long as it is regular white, odorless and is not accompanied by itching and irritation.

White Discharge before Period: “Should I Get Worried?”

You know, it depends on the reason that led to white clear discharge. In most cases ovulation is the primer cause. The discharge appears when the period has ended (the beginning of menstrual cycle). When a female starts ovulation, her body undergoes hormonal changes, which cause the discharge that is stretchy and clear white in consistency.

If it happened so that you have thick white discharge that looks like cottage cheese and has a few drops of blood, this can be the first sign of yeast infection you are to treat immediately.

If we speak about white clear discharge before period, it should be pointed out that it occurs before/during sexual intercourse. In this way the body prepares the vagina for penetration.

What about Discharges during Pregnancy?

Thousands of pregnant women keep complaining of having white clear discharges. If you have the same problem, you should know that this is a usual case. This is a so-called preventive measure of the body. The discharge prevents the infections that can travel up to vagina.

The discharge can also appear because of the increase of estrogen levels and a comparatively greater flow of mucus to the vagina. It is normal to have such discharges during pregnancy, and luckily or not, there is nothing you can do about it. To eliminate the occurrence of discharges, try to wear clean cotton underwear and maintain good genital hygiene.

Refuse from using deodorants and scented soaps, scented pads, tight pants nylons and douching, because they cause the imbalance of the normal vaginal flora.

When you see a white clear discharge, try not to worry and get too excited about its occurrence. Even if it is the first sign of a problem you might have, everything can be treated quite effectively.