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What Do Pinkish Discharges Mean? How To Define Whether They Are Safe?

Can trichomoniasis cause light pink spotting

Vaginal discharge is also called mucous plug, because it blocks the opening of the cervical, thus protecting it from infections. There are many women, who do not know they have pinkish discharge and have a normal life. This is why there is no need to panic if you see some spotting in your underwear, unless you don’t want to be pregnant.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pink vaginal discharges are common to many pregnant women. Some of them think that only changes of breast can be the first signs of pregnancy. Aside from that, having pinkish discharges means a woman may be pregnant.

Such discharges during pregnancy are generally caused by the increase of estrogen level and also the amount of blood that is flowing to vagina. Firstly it looks like spotting, which can resemble the leftovers of the previous menstrual cycle or first signs of the next one.

The Content Of The Discharge

Pinkish discharge generally consists of cervical and vaginal secretions, bacteria flora and old cells from vaginal walls. When pregnancy is progressing, the amount of discharge increases as well. Sometimes this spotting causes embarrassing and inconvenience, as the discharge can stain not only underwear, but also other clothes, when it is too heavy.

During the first trimester of pregnancy the secretions fill out the cervical canal and create a mucus plug, which is a protective barrier. On the final stages of pregnancy, cervix dilates and causes the expelling of mucus plug. After that the discharge changes its color from pink to thin white. Sometimes this white discharge contains traces of food.

Other Causes Of Pinkish Discharge

In case of pregnancy, pinkish discharge is a good sign, but if a woman is not pregnant, it is usually a sign of a problem that should be immediately treated.

Infections and bacteria are also the common causes of discharges. Main symptoms may include itching and rapid change of color. To such infections belong sexually transmitted ones: gonorrhea and trichomoniais.

The first infection is caused by Gonococcus bacterium. If a woman had unprotected sex with a man who has this bacterium, there is 60-90% probability she will catch it as well. If left untreated, this disease is very serious. It starts spreading upwards to Fallopian tubes, which carry the egg. This is why Gonococcus causes infertility in women.

Trichomoniasis is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis. The disease causes smelly discharges. Many women are unaware they have such problems and this is why they do not address their doctors.

Pinkish discharges can also be caused by forgotten tampons. After a couple of weeks a forgotten tampon festers and causes a discharge. If after a woman removes a tampon, vaginal discharges keep appearing, she is to consult a professional. No matter what was the reason that caused discharges, every woman should pay special attention to all the changes she experiences.