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What Can Pink Vaginal Discharge Signal About? Find Out Whether You Should Worry About It

Vaginal soreness itchy pink discharge

Have you noticed that your vaginal discharge has changed its color? Is pink vaginal discharge a cause for concern? Let’s talk frankly about this delicate subject.

What is the nature of vaginal discharge? In most cases, it is a normal phenomenon. The female reproductive system produces special fluid from the vagina and cervix glands. This fluid usually consists of dead cells and bacteria. In this way, the vagina gets rid of waste substances. This process also helps to prevent vaginal infections.

The amount and color of vaginal discharge varies from woman to woman. If the color of your discharge is pure or milky white, without pungent odor, your reproductive system is performing its functions properly. Sometimes you can see slight changes in the smell, color, consistency or amount of our discharge. It can be caused by the following reasons:

- You are ovulating

- You are sexually excited

- You are pregnant

- You are breastfeeding

- You haven’t been serious about your personal hygiene.

This is not a cause for alarm. But if the changes are very unusual and if they are accompanied by vaginal burning or itching, then it should be a reason for  concern.

What Induces Pink Vaginal Discharge?

Any change in the bacteria balance of the vagina can affect the color, smell or structure of the discharge. You should know when discharge is considered to be abnormal:

- It is itchy

- It smells fishy

- There is blood in it

- It is like cottage cheese

- It started soon after unprotected sex.

Usually pinkish vaginal discharge is an early sign of pregnancy. You may notice it as a smear on your lingerie. In this case, you shouldn’t worry as your pink vaginal discharge is caused by increasing estrogen levels in your body. It makes more blood flow to the vagina. This discharge will form a mucous plug in the cervix to protect your fetus from infection. To be completely during your pregnancy, use a special test.

If you are not pregnant, pink vaginal discharge, especially if it is observed for a long time, may indicate serious female medical conditions. Abundant pinkish vaginal discharge is the result of an inflamed vulva or vagina. You may already be suffering from vaginitis. The most widespread cause of this illness is a yeast infection, which is usually transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse. Your doctor will identify your disease and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

When your vaginal discharge becomes dark pink or bloody, then you have to contact your doctor immediately to determine your health condition. There is an obvious possibility that reddish vaginal discharge is connected with cervical cancer. The doctor will review your health history and take a piece of pink vaginal discharge from your vagina for further examination.