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Light Pink Discharge during Pregnancy: Taking a Look at most Common Causes

Pinkish discharge during pregnancy

Do you have light pink discharge during pregnancy? Come down, as there is no reason to worry. In most cases, it has nothing to do with miscarriage and is regarded to as a common occurrence when a woman’s pregnant.

Mixing with a few spots of blood, vaginal flood comes out in pink color. Mild colored spotting should be discussed with a professional, but before seeking for medical help, you are to stay calm, because, as a rule, this is a false alarm.

No Need to Panic! Or Is There Any?

During the second and the third trimesters of pregnancy, the increases in vaginal discharges are common. But light pink discharge during pregnancy is not always to be taken for granted.

Sometimes the discharge varies in color and main stain the undergarment pink. During the last stage of pregnancy pink discharges appear due to the detachment of the placenta or its rapture. But still there is no need to get worried about this case, as it can be treated quite easily. The treatment process depends on the cause and the amount of discharge a woman experiences.

Homecare is forbidden, because an average woman is not able to define the triggers of discharges and find the treatment options effective enough to cure the problem.

Do I Have Discharges or Bleeding?

We’ve have already made it clear that light discharges during pregnancy are a quite normal thing. However, every woman should learn to draw a line between discharges and bleeding.

Discharges are usually light pink or slightly brown and can be referred to as light bleeding, whereas bleeding looks like what a woman observes during her period. Discharges are never accompanied by fevers, red blood, cramping and chills. If a woman experiences any of these signs, she should seek for medical help.

Preterm Labor

Light pink discharge during pregnancy can be a sign of a preterm labor that happens very quickly and should be defined early. In case you are not sure whether the discharges you have are the signs of this condition, check whether there are any other symptoms of the preterm labor, like:

  1. bleeding
  2. menstrual like cramping
  3. leaking fluids
  4. increase in pelvic pressure
  5. changes in vaginal discharge
  6. backache

Start of labor can begin with a rather heavy bloody flow. This means a woman is losing her mucous plug. So, if you are at the final stage of your pregnancy and notice the signs of pink discharges, you should consult your doctor immediately. However, it happens so that in many women light pink discharge during pregnancy appears up to one or even two weeks ahead of labor.

Spotting after Intercourse

Well, this is quite common as well. Sometimes sex causes spotting during pregnancy. If the cervix was irritated when having sex, a pregnant woman notices some spotting afterwards. Inform your doctor about the condition and the underlying trigger.

Treat of Miscarriage

Unfortunately, the statistics is such that about 20%-30% of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage. In most cases it is accompanied by abdominal pain and cramping, but discharges can also be the signs of the same problem. About 15% of all women experience light pink discharges during pregnancy and 50% of these women miscarry.

Ectopic Pregnancy Occurrence

Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg attaches to the place that is outside the uterus. This causes light bleeding that looks like a light pink discharge. When the egg attaches to the fallopian tube the ectopic pregnancy is referred to as tubal pregnancy.

Problems with Placenta

Placenta previa happens in cases when placenta grows over the cervix opening. The abruption occurs only when the placenta separates from uterus. As these conditions are very serious, they are to be treated immediately.

Internal Examination

Some women have spotting after being examined by a doctor. During pregnancy every woman has an increased blood supply to the cervix and this type of irritation leads to light spotting that usually makes women get worried.

If you’ve been recently examined and experienced light pink spotting, the examination can be one of the reasons and there is no need to get worried about that.

Hemorrhoids as One of the Reasons

For many people it may sound funny or even silly, but too many women mistake a minor bleeding from a hemorrhoid with the vaginal bleeding. In case you are not sure, you can call your doctor to be on the safe side.

Risks for Infections

There are certain vaginal infections that result in light pink discharge during pregnancy (bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, etc). STD (sexually transmitted diseases) also lead to discharges that happen because of the cervix inflammation. To such diseases belong chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and herpes.

Of course, light pink discharges during pregnancy can be caused by other changes in the body of a woman, but for the sake of the baby neither of them should be overlooked or left neglected.