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What Triggers Green Discharge during Pregnancy?

Green discharge during pregnancy

Most women notice an increase in the amount of discharge during pregnancy, which is, by the way, pretty normal. But can green vaginal discharges be referred to as healthy ones? Doubtful… Normal discharges during pregnancy are clear or white. But as pregnant women are more susceptible to various yeast and bacterial infections, green discharges during pregnancy are the reasons to worry about.

What Makes It so Dangerous?

Discharges during pregnancy are normal. They are the results of the increase of hormone levels in the body of a woman. Estrogen has the greatest effect on the amount of the discharge and even its color. If you notice clear or white discharges, there is nothing you should worry about.

Green vaginal discharge during pregnancy stands for the sexually transmitted diseases called Trichomoniasis. As a rule, these discharges are of a rather strong odor and are to be treated immediately. This STD is a parasite that passes through sexual contact and is especially dangerous for pregnant women. It thrives in the vagina and increases the chances for delivering a baby with low birth weight or going into pre-term labor.

In case you notice green mucus discharge during pregnancy, see your doctor. Don’t make the attempts to self-treat the infection with creams, drugs and whatsoever. Always consult your doctor before taking any drugs, as they may affect your health and the development of your baby.

Keep in mind that even if the discharge is not accompanied by other symptoms, including a burning sensation, itching and genital irritation, it doesn’t mean a pregnant woman can stay relatively safe. Such discharges are caused by STD that lead to stillbirths or contribute to the birth defects of the child.

Slightly greenish discharge is the sign of pregnancy complications and the urinary tract infections all pregnant women are prone to. The vital thing to remember is that the longer the urine stays in the body of a pregnant woman, the higher are the chances of the harmful bacteria growth. Such discharges may be accompanied by the repulsive odor, the inflammation of the vulva and various hormonal alterations.

This is why all pregnant women are advised to visit the toilet as frequent as possible in order to empty out the bladder and reduce the urine buildup. Forget about the use of personal hygiene products and tight panties.

How to Avoid Discomfort?

Green discharge normally leads to discomfort. To soothe it you can use panty liners to absorb the vaginal discharge. Use warm water to wash the area and never douche as douching upsets the delicate balance on the vaginal area’s flora.

You are also to eliminate the use of scented deodorant soaps, sprays, scented toilet pads and paper. Try to drink about 4 liters of water daily and consume fruit juices to reduce the risks of yeast infections.

A healthy balanced diet is exactly what you need. Consume more fish, lean meat, seeds, nuts, whole grains, fruits and nuts.

Top 7 Tips to Prevent Green Discharges during Pregnancy

  • wash properly, paying attention to the way you wipe after using the toilet. Wipe from front to back to avoid penetration of bacteria into the vagina;
  • refuse from using synthetic or tight underwear;
  • drink more cranberry juice, as it helps to prevent the sticking of bacteria to the urinary tract walls;
  • be careful when using public toilets, as you can’t be sure as to their cleanliness. Don’t sit on the seat, but squat over it;
  • choose comfortable clothing that allows air to circulate. Yeast and fungal infections thrive in warm and damp places. Loose clothes will help to reduce dampness and risks of fungal infections occurrence;
  • refuse from self-treatment, no matter how tempting it seems to be. Remember that it is very dangerous for you and your baby. Abnormal changes and discharges are to be consulted with a doctor. Only a professional will determine the problem and find a proper cure to prevent further development of the infection;
  • don’t insert any items into your vagina while you are pregnant. Use pads instead.

Keeping to these simple tips, you will manage to prevent the problem of green discharge during pregnancy. Remember that prevention is always the best cure. Stay calm even if you failed in prevention: the right treatment course will work wonders.