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Light Pink Discharge Before Period: We Know the Causes. Do You?

Light pink discharge then late period

It is impossible to put light pink discharge before period down to a single cause. Consulting your doctor you will manage to find the answers you’ve been searching for. But in case you want to know them right away, we will gladly give you a few.

Before period is due, every woman has discharges, which are normally the signs of menstruation. To say they are the same means making a fool of you… Discharges differ in color and consistency, but usually they are safe.

Closer to the period, the discharge becomes either heavy or very light. Some women don’t have discharges, but experience slight discomfort. All these symptoms are normal, they are natural. The body of a woman is built in a way to protect itself and its vital organs from infections. If, for example, we tend to protect our skin from sun with the help of special creams, from cold with the help of clothes and from rain with the help of an umbrella, the vagina protects itself with the help of discharges.

The Sign of Menstruation…?

Yes, in some cases light pink discharge before period is the sign of menstruation. In the very beginning of the period, when the body starts releasing the unfertilized egg, the blood flow shows up as light pink spotting that is confused with implantation bleeding or the beginning of menstruation. If this spotting turns into the flow of a period, then there is nothing you should worry about.

“Am I Pregnant?”

It may be so. Light pink discharge before period can be the result of implantation that occurs between 1-2 weeks after the egg has been fertilized by sperm. When the egg implants into the blood and nutrient-rich lining of the uterine wall, a small amount of blood comes out.

Only 30% of women can experience this, but most of them don’t even notice spotting or take it for granted.

Can Medicines Cause Spotting?

Yes, they can. Blood thinning medications and aspirin lead to menstrual spotting before the beginning of the cycle. High levels of insulin and hypothyroidism are also causative factors of spotting.

In this case you are to ask for professional help, because self-treatment, as well as your refuse from taking definite medicines can lead to additional health issues.

Is It Cancer?

Only in rare cases. There are types of cancers (cervical cancer, ovarian and uterine, for example) that lead to spotting. If you feel that the spotting is abnormal, consult your gynecologist immediately to detect the presence of abnormal growth and treat the problem till it’s not too late.

Beware of Infections

They are one of the main triggers of light pink discharge before period. These can be infections of the uterus, vagina, cervix, Fallopian tubes or ovaries. If there is a foul smell and changes in color of the discharge, you experience swelling, itching and burning sensation, you are to seek for immediate medical help. These infections are caused by sexually transmitted diseases and are to be checked by a doctor.

It’s all about Stress!

Well, in some cases it is really so. Stress can trigger spotting before menstruation due to fluctuations in the hormonal levels. To prevent the occurrence of this problem it is recommended to learn a few relaxation techniques, practise yoga and various physical exercises, and try not to worry too much.

Light pink discharge before period isn’t something you should be afraid of. This is simply the condition you are to know everything about. Hopefully, we’ve helped you a lot.