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Clear Jelly like Discharge: Normal Excretion or a Spark that Triggers Explosion

Clear jelly like discharge

A woman’s body is one of the most perfect systems that have the ability to protect and clear itself. This is why most of the clear jelly like discharges it produces are normal, though a little bit different for you. The amount of the discharge is predetermined by vaginal secretions, where their jelly is from cervical mucous. Changes in hormonal levels and various types of medications, diets and stress can cause the production of discharges.

When the discharge is clear, you can feel safe. Even when its quantity and thickness change, you don’t have reason to start feeling nervous. Stress won’t do any good. With hormonal fluctuations such vaginal secretions can change, but when they are accompanied by itching and pain, you should seek medical help.

No Age Limits

There is no certain age, in which a clear jelly like discharge occurs more or less frequently. Your body works like a clock, but it has its own mechanism. Such discharges can’t be predicted and appear both in adults and teens.

Even if a girl is virginal, has no health issues and hasn’t placed anything in her vagina, she still experiences discharges on a regular basis. In this case, there is nothing to worry about. But when an experienced woman, who leads an active sex life and has several partners, has discharges, this becomes the reason to go to a doctor.

Possible Causes of Clear Jelly Like Discharge

Though discharges are a regular part of a woman’s life, that doesn’t mean you are to take this  for granted all the time. Changes in smell and color and additional symptoms like consistency, pain, cramps and itching may be the first signs of problems.

  • Vulvovaginitis may be one of the reasons for clear jelly like discharges. This is either an inflammation or infection of the vagina and vulva that is caused by viruses, yeasts and bacteria. In most cases, the disease develops due to sexually transmitted diseases, poor hygiene and chemical irritants.
  • Gonorrhea can be accompanied by jelly like discharges as well. This is a common sexually transmitted disease that spreads thorough genital contact and through the mouth or anus of an infected person.
  • Cervicitis stands for the cervical inflammation and is accompanied by clear jelly like discharges with an unpleasant odor, painful urination, an increase in urinary frequency, as well as spotting between periods.

Discharge as the Sign of Early Pregnancy

Clear jelly like discharge can also be the first sign of pregnancy. Normally, it is triggered by hormonal changes that the woman’s body undergoes. This type of discharge doesn’t cause any irritation and is usually mild smelling.

If you are pregnant and have these discharges, you can be sure that their occurrence is normal. They appear because of the increase of the amount of estrogen in your body. In many cases, even baby girls have such discharges, as they were exposed to their mothers’ estrogen while their moms were pregnant.

Discharge as the Sign of Ovulation

Clear jelly like discharges are also frequently referred to as “fertile” mucous and mean a woman is ovulating. When a woman is ovulating, she undergoes various hormonal changes. Progesterone and estrogen rise and then fall at different points during the ovulation process. The changes like these lead to the production of discharges before and after ovulation.

In order to detect impending ovulation you should monitor the vaginal secretions that you have. Check for the mucous at the opening of the vagina. The vagina normally produces the least amount of secretions. Greater amounts are noticed:

  • prior to ovulation: a woman detects an increased amount of vaginal secretions that are slippery and wet;
  • soon after the menstrual cycle: tacky and sticky vaginal secretions. In addition, after the menstrual cycle the vaginal discharges become slightly milky in color. The reason for this change is quite simple. Thanks to this jelly-like discharge sperm can survive longer;
  • following the way of ovulation: vaginal discharge becomes thick in consistency and less of it is secreted.

However, it doesn’t mean that all clear jelly like discharges are safe. One should always keep in mind the factors that affect their amounts, as well as consistency. These factors include:

  1. sexual excitement
  2. STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and vaginal infections
  3. use of lubricants during intercourse

If you experience any abnormal changes in the consistency of the discharges, keep in mind that they can be affected by infections. Some of the initial changes that a woman can experience include:

  • swelling and itching
  • changes in the color of the discharge: gray, yellow, pink, green or brown
  • changes in the odor of the discharges
  • changes in the consistency of the discharges: cottage cheese-like, foamy…

If you have clear jelly like discharges all the time, you should consult a professional. There may be no need to worry about the discharges, but who knows, maybe professional consultation will be helpful in the prevention of serious diseases.