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Bleeding after Period: Find Your Own Story Among 10 Top-Rated Experiences

Stories on vaginal bleeding

Bleeding after period is a vaginal flow of numerous reasons, but of treatable nature. It’s a matter of common knowledge that menstrual fluids occur every 21-35 days and last about 2-7 days. Still, regular periods can be followed by unusual bleeding, which must be evaluated promptly. Firstly, you have to make sure that it comes from vagina, and not from cervix or uterus. Confirm the source by inserting a tampon inside. Secondly, be ready to pass a careful exam by a health care provider, even while you continue bleeding. Certainly, this is a frightening experience, especially in a week after your last period. However, it can be not the first ‘bloody’ time between periods. Whether it is the former or latter case, you need professional help in this stressful experience.

10 Reasons of Bleeding after Period

Irregular bleeding usually depends on the individual health situations. But the most common causes are the following:

1. Pregnancy or ‘Implantation Bleeding’.

2. Miscarriage or abortion.

3. Oral contraceptives or certain drugs.

4. Stress or hormone imbalance.

5. Low thyroid levels.

6. Infections.

7. Cancer.

8. Vagina injury.

9. GYN procedure.

10. Ovulation.

Any reason from the list may be a worry. Bleeding is safe only if it’s light, without any symptoms, and lasting from a few hours to 2 days. Otherwise, you should seek for medical help. In addition, visit a gynecologist in cases of:

  • Having heavy bleeding.
  • Extreme pelvic pain.
  • Bleeding after unprotected sex.
  • Symptoms like nausea, headache, back pain, abdominal cramping and frequent urination.

Bleeding after Period: Your Own Story in the Top-List #1

1. Old Menstrual Blood, still present inside the uterus and coming with the bleeding flow, is regarded as an absolutely safe situation, the same as ovulation.

2. Unregulated Cycles are the common feature of all teenage girls. The adult body can also adjust to menstrual hormones and experience such condition.

3. The Sign of Ovulation – Some women experience bleeding for 2-3 days plus abdominal cramping during this phase.

4. ‘Breakthrough Bleeding’ or Pregnancy – This is when the blood escapes because of the fertilized egg.

5. The Growth of Fibroids/Tumors in the Uterus leads to occurrence of unusual discharges. Polyp cellular growths can stay unnoticed, until they result in vaginal bleeding like this.

6. Birth-Control Pills cause after-the-cycle bloody discharge in 75% (!) of cases. They just mimic the hormones, which control menstrual cycles.

7. ‘Deep Sex’ means rough sexual intercourse and physical injury afterwards.

8. Cancer of endometrial cells and uterine lining is a serious cause of bleeding between periods.

9. Chlamydia is another trigger, which affects not only the vagina, cervix, urinary tract and rectum, but the throat and eyes!

10. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is a bacterial infection of uterus lining, fallopian tubes and ovaries, accompanied by such symptom as bleeding.

To sum it all up, bleeding after period is always a consequence of a certain cause. Although you can experience it without any additional symptoms, each case needs a visit to a medical professional. Unexpected discharge should be not a concern at any stage of life, but a good motive for check-out and health care. There mustn’t be place for ‘menstrual imitation’ at irregular intervals! So, happy controlling your bleeding of any kind!