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Yellow Vaginal Discharge and Its Causes

We all know that vaginal discharge is a process that lasts throughout a woman’s life. The number of times and consistency depends on the woman’s body, health and many other factors. However, the fairer sex has to deal with abnormal discharge very often. So, let’s see, what is the cause of yellowish discharge and which discharge should be considered as “normal”.

Yellowish discharge

Experts claim that a woman’s discharge should be either white or of transparent color. It is called leukorrhea (also spelled leucorrhoea). Sometimes such discharge can be yellowish in color, but not always so due to inflammation as many believe. The cause may be hormonal changes, birth control pills, or severe stress. Therefore, if your yellowish discharge does not cause you discomfort, itching, burning, anxiety and pain, and have no odor, then it is most likely a normal discharge, the so-called “leukorrhea”. Nevertheless, if you experience the above symptoms, it may indicate that you have a sexually transmitted infection or an inflammation.

You should also pay attention to the fact that after a sexual intercourse during which sperm entered the vagina, you may have a yellowish discharge in the form of clots. This is normal.

Experts claim that in 96% of women, the amount of discharge increases during ovulation, pregnancy or before menstruation. However, it is necessary to remember that during pregnancy one should be alert to this kind of changes, as in this period the body of the future mother is most susceptible to infection.

Yellow discharge in women with sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections are usually transmitted by pathogens. It is these microorganisms that cause inflammation, discomfort and burning.

However, most often they are found in women with trichomoniasis.

This disease causes frothy yellow-green discharge from the vagina. Besides, during this period a woman feels severe itching, burning and irritation of her genitals. Moreover, the nature of leucorrhoea depends on what kind of infection is combined with trichomoniasis because the disease often occurs with gonorrhea, chlamydia or genital viral diseases.

However, women with gonorrhea can have a purulent vaginal discharge with a foul smelling and greenish in color. This disease often causes severe pain when urinating. Such discharge often causes inflammation of external organs.

Yellow discharge in women with diseases

Every woman’s vagina has bacteria. These bacteria maintain normal microflora and acidity, which protects the body from infection. However, you should always remember that a woman cannot feel when she has a bad microflora since it does not cause any symptoms. Moreover, the number of bacteria often varies due to improper care or as a result of bacterial vaginosis. During this period, a woman feels pain during sexual intercourse, discomfort and burning.

Sometimes, yellow discharge occurs as a result of cervical erosion. The fact is that in 98% of cases, erosive processes lead to inflammation due to bacteria. After sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge often contains blood.

Very often, the nature of leukorrhea can also change during inflammation of internal organs. Typically, they are caused by inflammation of the fallopian tubes. These diseases require immediate treatment since they often lead to surgical complications and infertility.

What to do if you have a discharge

If you see that you have “abnormal” yellowish discharge but you do not feel any symptoms, you should not worry. In this case, you should do the following:

  1. wear only underwear made of natural fabrics;
  2. use only high-quality personal hygiene products;
  3. maintain good personal hygiene;
  4. be careful during sexual intercourse and protect yourself.

But if the discharge has a foul smell, and/or it is accompanied by itching, burning, pain, and difficult urinating, immediately see a qualified doctor. It is only through a doctor’s examination and analysis that you can establish the true cause of the disease.

The vaginal ecosystem is a very complex system, which can easily be disrupted due to improper treatment, which, as a result, may take up to years to treat and restore the microflora. This is why under no circumstances must you engage in self-medication.

Only a gynecologist can establish the true cause of your yellow discharge. He is the right person to choose  which modern drugs you should take.