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White Clumpy Discharge: All You Need to Know, or 10 Expert Advice for Healthy Vagina

White clumpy discharge

White clumpy discharge is one of the most common abnormal vaginal complaints among all women throughout the world. So, you are not alone with your problem, if it has occurred. Generally, any female’s discharge is the fluid, which is produced by the glands in both vagina and cervix lining. Which is considered normal? Usually, this is a small amount of your vaginal discharge, clear or milky white without odor. But it changes both in texture and color during hormonal and menstrual cycles. Also, there are no 2 women with identical fluids. Nevertheless, they typically become abnormal when their amount and appearance significantly change. That’s why it’s important to get absolutely competent in vaginal secretion. Due to expert medical knowledge, you’ll be able to always maintain your vagina healthy.

White Clumpy Discharge: 1 of 3 Abnormal Vaginal Flow Symptoms

Abnormal vaginal discharge can be easily identified through 3 main symptoms:

  • Excessive vaginal fluids;
  • Changes in their color, texture and odor;
  • Irritation, itching, burning or soreness of vagina and vulva.

According to them, the following abnormal discharges can be listed:

*white & clumpy (like cottage cheese);

*yellowish/grayish/greenish or blood-tinged;

*with mucus & pus;


Any of them is caused by your vagina inflammation, better known as ‘vaginitis.’ It takes place due to infections or chemical irritation, in most cases.

White Clumpy Discharge: 4 Possible Causes To Prevent or Cure

1. Chemical Irritation may result from latex condoms, spermicides, vaginal lubricants and diaphragms, as well as detergents, soaps, lotions or natural allergens.

2. Menopause Induced Sensitivity means that vagina becomes thinner and dryer, which increases the chances of excess vaginal discharge.

3. Bacterial Vaginosis comes with bacterium, turning normal fluids into something white/gray/yellowish cloudy with a fishy odor.

4. STD Infection, especially a yeast infection ‘candidiasis’, is a well-known reason of white, thick and clumpy discharge like ‘cottage cheese’, accompanied by itching. Secondly, these can be sexually transmitted infections, such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia. But they all change the color of discharge (greenish or yellowish).

How to Deal with Your Vaginal Problem Right: 3 Smart Steps

  • First of all, you should consult a specialized doctor for proper diagnosis and only then for proper treatment. Remember that treating yourself with various home remedies or marketed medications are not the best solution in this case. Your aim No.1 is not to improve the symptoms, but completely eliminate your own abnormal vaginal discharge.
  • For diagnosing the cause, the doctor will do pelvic examination and examine a lining fluid sample using a microscope.
  • Once the cause of condition is found out, you’ll be offered tried-and-true treatment. Usually, women are prescribed oral antibiotics and antibiotic vaginal creams.

As you can see, white flow from the vagina is quite normal until it becomes clumpy in texture and malodorous. Most often, these are yeast or bacterial infections that are easily cured. Once you notice thick, white clumpy discharge, along with itching and localized irritation, do not wait and visit a health care professional. Modern antifungal medications work wonders in a few days.