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The White Discharge before a Period is a Signal from Your Body

Watery white discharge before period

Most women experience white discharge before period symptoms. However, there are different reasons for the discharge to appear, which include pregnancy and infection. White discharge typically arrives at the beginning and end of a woman’s ovulation cycle. If the discharge is watery, transparent and stretchy, then it is probably from ovulation. When the secretion occurs right before a woman’s period begins, it is usually a darker shade and has a thicker texture.

White Discharge before Period may Signal Pregnancy

If the white secretion that appears before a woman’s period is heavier than usual, then she may be pregnant. The discharge is often more pronounced because a pregnancy will increase blood flow to the vaginal area. In addition, the estrogen production levels increase. A pregnancy caused discharge may be reminiscent of an egg white. However, if the excretion features blood, then it may appear brown. When the secretion is heavy and clear, consider visiting a doctor since this can be a sign of leaking amniotic fluid.

White Discharge before Period May Signal an Infection

Several infections may cause a white discharge to appear before the start of a woman’s period. Also, depending on the type of infection, it may produce an odor. A white secretion is frequently a symptom of a yeast infection, which occurs in warm areas that are moist. An immune system disorder may cause a yeast infection to form as the ailment affects the body’s natural defenses. Bacterial Vaginosis is another vaginal infection that may feature a white secretion with an unpleasant smell.

Discharge Types

The type of discharge that the body secretes may help diagnose the reason for its appearance. For instance, if a white discharge arrives with vaginal itching, then it may be a yeast infection while a clumpy discharge typically signals an infection caused by a sexually transmitted disease. Keep in mind that a white discharge occurs normally when a woman’s body is ready to become pregnant and after her period.


If a woman experiences white discharge before period symptoms, then she should review her body’s history. Be sure to visit a doctor if the secretion has a different texture or is heavier or smellier than normal.