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Planning Your Baby’s Gender

Brown discharge while planning baby

Most parents believe that giving birth to a healthy baby, regardless of gender, is absolute happiness. However, some moms and dads are very willing to conceive either a boy or a girl. Baby’s sex depends on what kind of sperm cells has impregnated the ovum. Impregnation of the ovum with an X sperm cell gives a start to formation of a female embryo, while a sperm with an Y chromosome conceives a boy. An opportunity to plan baby’s gender seems exciting to many parents, and there’s a theory supporting this opportunity. Actually, it’s believed that sperms with different chromosomes possess different characteristics which can help to create the most favorable conditions for conception of a baby with the desired gender.

Sperm Cells: Chromosome Characteristics

  • Sperm cells, carrying the Y chromosome, are responsible for conception of a boy. They move faster and live less than their counterparts with the X chromosome.
  • Sperm cells, carrying the X chromosome, help you to conceive a girl. These ones are less agile, but they stay alive in the woman body longer, waiting for ovulation.

The mentioned special features of the sperm cells provide you with a thrilling chance to try and plan your future baby’s gender. Here is what you should do.

How To Conceive a Boy?

  1. Timing. The intercourse should occur shortly before ovulation. Since the Y sperm cells move faster than their siblings, chances are high they will reach the ovum faster to impregnate it.
  2. Limitations. Don’t have sex 4-5 days prior to ovulation. These days give more chances to conceive a girl.
  3. Penetration. Penetration during sexual intercourse should be quite deep to deliver the short-lived Y-sperm cells closer to the entrance into the uterus in order to reduce their way towards the ovum.
  4. For men. Men should avoid overheating. High temperatures, caused by sauna, or too warm clothes lead towards reduction of the sperm cells quantity. Besides, overheating is especially harmless for the Y sperm cells.
  5. For women. During orgasm vagina excretes special secretions, boosting survival of the Y sperm cells. That’s why it’s better if a woman has an orgasm sooner than her partner or simultaneously with him.

How To Conceive a Girl?

  1. Timing. Plan an intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation and avoid sex during ovulation and 2 days after it. X sperm cells have more chances to survive the next 2 days, waiting for the ovum, than Y sperms.
  2. Penetration. It shouldn’t be too deep in order to make the way to the uterus for the long-living X sperm cells longer, so they will have more chances to reach the ovum.
  3. For women. It’s better that a woman doesn’t have an orgasm. X sperm cells can survive longer in the alkaline medium of the vagina and don’t require the secretions, excreted during orgasm.

The mentioned method, certainly, doesn’t give you a 100% guarantee. However, if your future baby’s gender is important to you, why not try? At the same time the method isn’t recommended for the couples, who have a difficulty with conception or diagnosed with infertility since it can significantly increase the period of pregnancy planning.