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Pink Mucus Discharge: the Reason for Concern or a Quite Normal Case?

Pink mucus discharge

The flow of fluids from the vagina is a normal thing. By the way, it means that the vagina is healthy. BUT these fluids can be of different color, consistency, structure and odor, and the slightest changes may scare women a lot. If you have pink mucus discharge, there is no need to worry about, or is there?

Purposes of Vaginal Discharges

Keeping itself healthy, a vagina produces discharges, carrying away old cells and keeping itself free from infections and well-lubricated. The changes in color of the discharge usually depend on the hormonal levels of one’s body, besides, far not all women experience these changes.

In any case, if you feel discomfort and understand there’s something wrong, you should not waste your time, but address a doctor. Self-treatment is not the option you are to consider. In most cases it has a very negative impact and leads to severe consequences.

Why Do You Have Pink Mucus Discharge?

The very first thing that comes to one’s mind after the occurrence of pink mucus discharge is that this is the sign of pregnancy. Well… it depends. Implantation bleeding leads to pink discharges, but they can also be caused by various medical conditions. To make sure you are pregnant, get a pregnancy test and consult your gynecologist. If you are pregnant, the discharge is related to protection. This is how your body protects your child from infections, blocking the cervical opening (mucous plug).

In most cases the discharge is slight spotting in the underwear. Some women notice it only after urinating. If the test shows a negative result, this is still not the reason to worry. After all, the discharge can be caused by the amount of blood that flows to the vagina or by a high level of estrogen in the body.

Pink Mucus Discharge during Pregnancy: When Start Worrying?

For many women pink mucus discharge during pregnancy sounds like the sign they should start worrying. Well, in most cases this is just the opposite case. This discharge forms over the cervix opening and protects the baby from infections.

During the first few weeks of pregnancy the discharges stays in place, but then a woman loses the plug. During the last weeks a woman can notice pink mucus discharge. This is completely normal, as well, and it never predicts your impending labor. Thousands of women lose mucus plug and don’t go into labor for 4 more weeks.

However, if the discharge has a lot of blood in it and is accompanied by backache or cramps, a woman may be going into labor. In case there is a lot of bleeding, you are to go to the hospital right away, as this can be the sign that something is going wrong.

In you notice pink mucus discharge during the last weeks of pregnancy, get yourself prepared, as the labor is not too far.

Discharges after Ovulation: What’s Abnormal and What’s not?

After ovulation cervical mucus can undergo changes in the way it looks. In fact, in different women changes differ as well. Some have totally white discharges, others get worried about pink color. In any case, the discharge is sticky and moist and leaves the feeling as if you are drier than before.

These are not the reasons to start worrying about. Pink mucus discharges are quite normal and almost all women experience them from time to time. If they are accompanied by pain, discomfort and other life-threatening symptoms, this means you are to consult a professional to prevent harsh consequences. In other cases you should be calm.