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Pink Discharge When Pregnant: Is It the Reason to Become Anxious About

Pink tinged discharge at 37 weeks

Thousands of women associate pink discharge when pregnant with grave consequences. Can this sort of attitude be reasonable? – In some cases it can, in others it cannot. However, any future mother takes care of her baby before the birth, especially when high-risk pregnancy is a quite common thing.

As a rule, pink discharges are signs of small quantities of blood that are diluted by cervical mucus. This is why nearly 80% of cases aren’t critical. Such discharges are even referred to as normal. Yet, there are 20% left. What about them?

Causes of Pink Discharges When Pregnant

- Sexual intercourses during pregnancy are one of the commonest reasons why women experience pink discharges. The thing is in case of a physical contact, blood vessels tend to break, and thus lead to bleeding.

- The increased production of estrogen in the body of a pregnant woman leads to blood flow to the vagina.

- After conception, the egg that has been fertilized implants in the uterine wall, tearing a few blood vessels.

- When a woman is nearing labor, the cervix starts dilating. This is one of the stages of labor preparation, during which a woman may or may not pass mucus plug that’s slightly red in color. As a rule, this occurs when a woman’s more than 37 weeks pregnant.

- The reason for pink discharge when pregnant that’s not associated with pregnancy is a vaginal infection (sexually transmitted diseases, inflamed cervix, etc).

Regardless of the causes that lead to pink discharge when pregnant, a woman should always consult her physician.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters of Pregnancy

In addition to other changes the body of a woman can undergo, discharges take a special place. At first they appear, when the body is getting used to pregnancy, and then when a woman is about to give birth to her child.

Pink discharge during the 1st trimester is a “normal side effect”. However, when it is accompanied by back pain, contractions, fever or comes in copious amounts with blood clots, there are reasons for concern.

Normally, during the 2nd trimester such discharges do not take place, and after the 6th month the discharges can signify the onset of labor.

As the causes of pink discharge when pregnant can vary, every woman should consult her doctor to be on the safe side. Only a professional can assign the course of medical treatment that won’t affect the baby.