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Egg White Discharge: The Friendliest Cervical Mucus For Sperm Cells

Egg white discharge is a topic actively discussed in female societies. Women describe it as slippery, slimy, stretchy, less opaque and more often absolutely clear, moderately abundant. Those who don’t like it, are simply unaware of its higher purpose. Nature doesn’t create anything in vain. Women, who are trying to conceive, are waiting for it each cycle impatiently. Now we are going to look into why clear slippery cervical mucus occurs and how you can use its occurrence to your own benefit.

What’s Up? It’s Like I’m Sitting In A Puddle Of Broken Eggs…

Many women really get such a sensation in the middle of their cycle during ovulation, when cervical egg-white-like mucus is getting profuse. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you experience something like this, you are lucky to have this bright fertility sign, signaling you about one very important period in your cycle. You may use daily sanitary pads if it bothers you. Anyway ovulation discharge passes quickly, so if you want to get pregnant this month, hurry up or you’ll have to wait until the next cycle.

Is It Ok To Have Vaginal Discharge That Looks Like Raw Egg White?

Absolutely. Moreover, it’s even necessary to have it in the middle of your menstrual cycle. Such discharge is one of the most important fertility signs, indicating that you are ovulating and, therefore, can presently conceive a baby.

Even if you feel somewhat wet these 1-2 days that’s the norm and not a symptom of any disease, as some girls may think. Well, on condition that your discharge doesn’t smell unpleasantly or cause you any irritation.

Egg White Discharge: What Triggers Its Occurrence?

You may wonder why your vaginal discharge doesn’t stay the same throughout your menstrual cycle. It really changes its appearance under the influence of female sex hormones. Clear stretchy cervical mucus appears on your underwear when your level of estrogen is high, which is typical for the period of ovulation, i.e. release of a mature ovum from an ovary for fertilization. These are your most fertile days of the cycle. You should know that and use this sign when planning pregnancy or preventing it, depending on your current goal.

Everything You Should Know About Fertile Cervical Mucus

  • The most fertile cervical mucus reminds raw egg white.
  • It’s very stretchy. It can be stretched for 1-10 inches between your fingers.
  • Usually it’s clear and can be quite watery.
  • When ovulation is about to start, cervical mucus reminds egg white and becomes very slippery, which you can sense on your underwear even when you simply sit down.
  • It may leave on your pantyliner something like “tears” due to its watery and stretchy consistency.
  • You feel your vagina wet and slippery during ovulation.
  • Cervical mucus during ovulation possesses lubricating properties. You may also notice a lubricating effect 1-2 days after the brightest period of the “egg white”. This is when you are ready to conceive.

Monitoring Cervical Mucus: A Reliable Method Of Pregnancy Planning

Well, it’s reliable enough if you know how to detect your most fertile vaginal discharge, associated with ovulation. Monitoring your vaginal discharge, being attentive to its changes and your vaginal sensations provides you with high chances to determine correctly when it’s the most favorable time for conception.

  • Right after period you may feel some vaginal dryness or very light wetness and have no discharge at all on your pantyliner. In a few days your reproductive tract will begin to produce a sticky substance. Next few days your vaginal discharge is getting thinner and may remind cream in consistency. It may give a sensation of coolness at your vaginal opening. Then vaginal discharge is getting thinner. Sometimes egg white discharge is so watery that it’s hard to test its texture but one of the brightest signs of your fertility is a sensation of vaginal wetness you are experiencing during this period.

It takes approximately a weak for cervical mucus to reach its most fertile property. After it loses its precious quality less than within a day! So, be ready and act quickly!

After estrogen content reaches its peak, its level falls down sharply, changing the character of cervical mucus. Sometimes it happens within just a few hours. The process is explained by the sharp fall of estrogen level and a rise of progesterone after ovulation. When your vagina suddenly “dries up”, it’s the best proof that estrogen gave way to progesterone.

  • Note that vaginal sensations, typical for ovulation, shouldn’t be confused with lubricating substance, occurred due to sexual arousal. Vaginal sensations during ovulation are something you experience throughout the day even if you are not particularly attentive to the current character of your cervical mucus.

How else can you distinguish cervical mucus typical for ovulation from the lubricating substance, excreted in the moment of sexual arousal? The last one dries on a finger or napkin like water and leaves no traces, while cervical mucus remains there until you wash it off.

How To Check Your Egg White Discharge?

Some women aren’t used to be attentive to their vaginal discharge as long as it doesn’t cause them any discomfort. However, it’s easy to check whether you are close to ovulation or are currently ovulating. Simply run your finger or a napkin along your labia and analyze the result. Are they dry or wet? Is the napkin sliding easily? If you are in the “dry phase”, you won’t feel that it moves easily. During ovulation fertile cervical mucus moisturizes vaginal opening, so your labia are getting wet as well.

There are women who practically never have “dry days”. On the contrary, they always experience vaginal discharge. If they are in the infertile phase, their vaginal secretions acquire sticky consistency. If you are one of them, try to catch a moment when your cervical mucus is getting thin and watery.

When Monitoring Of Cervical Mucus Doesn’t Present Reliable Results?

Your body functions may be easily impacted by both external and internal causes. Actually, there are factors, impairing results of monitoring of egg white discharge. Here they are:

  • Sexual arousal
  • Sperm
  • Vaginal infections
  • Spermicides and vaginal creams
  • Antihistamines

When you are under an effect of these factors, your cervical mucus changes its characteristics and can’t provide you with necessary clues. So, you’ll need either eliminate them or use other methods of ovulation detection.

Since a woman has chances to get pregnant only during specific days through her menstrual cycle (the days around ovulation), even absolutely healthy couples may not succeed with conception during the first months after they have made their mind to have a baby. Monitoring cervical mucus, meanwhile, is the easiest way to determine the most fertile days for a couple. If you use the information, presented in our article for your pregnancy planning, you will be able to succeed with conception much faster. Good luck!