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Does Having a Clear Mucus Discharge Mean That I Have to Seek Medical Help?

What does clear discharge mean?

Mucus is an excretion that comes from mucus membranes in the genital area. Since its primarhy purpose is to protect one’s body from harmful diseases, clear mucus discharge is a normal part of a healthy vaginal micro flora.

You may say that this doesn’t eliminate the discomfort that a woman experiences. However, you should get worried when the mucus changes its color, because as long as it is clear, you can feel safe.

Clear Mucus Discharge: Imbalance?

Did you know that the imbalance of the vaginal flora can be the trigger of clear mucus discharge? It happens due to overgrowth of Candida albicans. Such discharges are regarded to be abnormal when they are accompanied by additional symptoms including an itching and burning sensation.

These discharges are also triggered by menstruation and can vary in color: from clear to white and light pink. As long as they have these colors, they are safe.

If you are over 45 years old, clear mucus discharges can become frequent and heavy, since they are the main signs that a woman is approaching menopause. However, to understand the reasons for these discharges, it is recommended that you consult a doctor.

Detecting a Problem

Though clear color is the main sign of good health, when the body starts producing too much mucus, which becomes white in color, it’s a reason for concern. Sometimes mucus can be green, white, red, gray and yellow in color.

As a rule, it occurs after your period ends. You’ve probably noticed it in your underwear. During the first few days after menstruation you may notice cloudy colored mucus, which can be stretched between your fingers to ¼ of an inch.

Cloudy mucus starts changing into white mucus, the closer you get to ovulation. During this time, it can be stretched up to 1 inch or even more. These clear mucus discharges means that the body of a woman has the appropriate environment to let the sperm survive longer and travel through the body to an egg.

Before, During and After Ovulation More Details You Need to Know

Clear mucus discharges are normal during a woman’s entire menstrual cycle. The amounts of the discharges can vary from woman to woman. Let’s define what happens.

Before ovulation, the cervical mucus creates a slippery surface that facilitates the sperm reaching the egg faster. It allows the sperm to stay there for a relatively longer period of time. Until a woman reaches the fertile phase, the discharges are not heavy and many women don’t notice them. During this time the vulva is dry and there is no chance of getting pregnant.

What happens during ovulation? Clear mucus discharges become sticky and greater in volume. When the ovulation time comes, the mucus can change its color and become egg white. Any other changes in color can give a hint of the problems that a woman does not suspect. Such discharges create a perfect environment for the sperm during the time of reaching the egg.

Sometimes clear mucus discharges change. After ovulation they become clay-like and get thicker than before. However, every woman feels drier than she used to during ovulation. Some women also experience implantation bleeding during this time. The amount of mucus increases greatly. It can also be light pink in color, which causes concern in most women.

If you feel discomfort during the ovulation period or you find such discharges abnormal, you can consult your health care provider to find out more about their triggers, purposes and consequences. Don’t be shy about telling a specialist what you are experiencing and what triggers your doubts and worries. The more you know about the nature of the clear mucus discharges you experience, the faster you can define the problem and know what is wrong and right in your case.

Clear Mucus Discharges and Inflammation

Sometimes such discharges are associated with inflammation that results from urinary infections. Between menses, every woman can notice whitish and clear substances with a sweetish odor. They are produced by the cervix and flow down to the vagina mixing with its natural flora. However, when the amount is greater than usual and the discharges are accompanied by itching, rashes and irritation, you should seek medical help.  In this case, natural remedies can be easily administered.

Clear Mucus Discharges and Yeast Infection

When clear discharge becomes watery and is accompanied by a cottage cheese discharge that has an offensive odor, it is the sign of either a bacterial vaginal infection or a yeast infection. Sometimes the main signs remind those of sexually transmitted diseases.

Although the problem can be treated, it requires special attention and care. To prevent its occurrence, it’s better not to wear tight fitting clothing made of synthetic fibers and, after using the bathroom it’s recommended to wipe from the front to the back, to prevent bacteria in vaginal area.

Clear mucus discharge should always be checked by a specialist, who’ll be able to identify the real reason for its occurrence.