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Clear Stretchy Discharge: Threat to Your Health or a Way to Track the Changes?

Clear stretchy discharge

During a single menstrual cycle every woman experiences discharges that change constantly. If they are clear and are not intensive, the differences indicate the heightened levels of fertility. A clear stretchy discharge means you are ovulating or are about to ovulate, so there is nothing you should worry about. In most cases, when the discharge is clear or white it indicates you are healthy. The cases, when a discharge is yellow, brown, green, cottage cheese-like and smelly deserve special attention.

If it still bothers you when you see discharges in your underwear, consult a professional, but if this is a usual sign of a proper body functioning, he is not likely to do anything. As long as this is not a disease, it should not be treated.

When Are the Discharges Dangerous?

Normally, clear stretchy discharges are absolutely safe, but there are still a few cases when they become the signs of underlying problems. So, when should a woman consider discharges problematic?

  • comparatively greater amounts of discharge than usually
  • clear discharges turn white, green or yellow
  • discharges with strong odor
  • pain and itching around the vagina
  • pain during the intercourse
  • pain in the lower belly area

When a woman is experiencing more vaginal discharge than she usually does, this may be the sign of cancer or menopause. When the discharges are accompanied by burning and itching, then you probably suffer from vaginitis. Vaginitis can be caused by various chemicals that are present in sprays, creams, clothes and liquids that directly touch the area that is around the vagina. It can be also triggered by the infection that is caused by germs that are passed during the intercourse. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are two common sexually transmitted diseases that can lead to changes in the discharges.

Discharge before Ovulation

What’s cervix? – This is an opening to the internal organs of the body. As a rule, this opening is tightly closed and aims at protecting against possible infections and diseases. It opens only in two cases:

  • before ovulation
  • to admit sperm

When the egg starts developing, the cells that surround it produce estrogen that works stimulating the growth of cervical mucus and uterine lining. Cervical mucus is a clear stretchy discharge that you always detect before ovulation.

Discharge after Ovulation

Having clear stretchy discharge after ovulation does not always mean you are pregnant. It means you’re still ovulating. This is how mucus helps the sperm to get to the egg. It is impossible to tell whether you are pregnant or not having only mucus as a proof, because after ovulation clear stretchy discharge can be caused by:

  • sexual intercourse
  • sexual arousal
  • tight pants
  • medications

Many women notice a discharge after the intercourse. Are you one of them? If yes, then don’t worry, because this is liquefied semen. The discharge disappears within 24 hours after the intercourse.

What about wearing tight pants? – This causes discharges as well. In what way? – Wearing tight pants speeds up the drying of vaginal secretions. It gives fewer opportunities to see the changes in color and consistency of the discharge. So when it appears in large amounts, a female starts worrying.

Is It Possible to Prevent Clear Stretchy Discharges?

Yes, it is. Preventing the occurrence of such discharges you can prevent the development of infections. Here are a few vital tips you are to take into account:

  • wear cotton panties, as they allow the genital area to breath and stay dry;
  • avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes (pantyhose, exercise wear, bathing suits) during a long period of time;
  • refuse from using petroleum oils and gels for vaginal lubrication, as they can lead to occurrence of a breeding ground for bacteria to start growing;
  • if you are suffering from any of vaginal infections, don’t have a sexual intercourse during the treatment process;
  • refuse from self-treating options, as they can lead to severe complications and more discharges;
  • wipe after urination in the correct way: from front to back. The thing is improper wiping spreads bacteria to the vagina, causing discharges and infection;
  • if you experience burning sensation and itching, never scratch the area, as this may lead to inflammation of the area and worsen the situation;
  • follow the simplest rules of basic hygiene. This will ensure you won’t suffer from abnormalities in the color, odor and amounts of the discharges;
  • think of your overall health: eat healthy foods, keep to a healthy way of life to ensure the normal work of your body and all the systems of your organism.

Clear stretchy discharge is one of the stages of proper body functioning that gives you a chance to keep tracking the cervical fluids.