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Clear Sticky Discharge. Can You Feel Safe, Having It?

Clear sticky vaginal discharge

From time to time every woman notices a clear sticky discharge in her underpants. For many reasons, we do not pay much attention to it, as we’ve never had any problems connected with the discharges, have we? Does it create discomfort? – A slight one. Is it painful? – No, it’s not. So, it seems that there is nothing to worry about… Or is there?

Clear sticky discharges mean that you are getting ready to ovulate. Having sex during the time you are experiencing such discharges means that you have an excellent chance to become pregnant.

At times such discharges are the main indicators that a woman is just a few days from having her period, as they take place right after ovulation. If the discharge is the sign of the end of ovulation, it means you cannot get pregnant. With a normal cycle, you cannot get pregnant during this time, but there exists a possibility you are already in the early stage of pregnancy.

Such discharges are produced by vaginal and cervical secretions mixed with bacteria and old cells. Clear sticky discharges are normal until they change their color and odor. This is when you should get worried about the underlying conditions.

Can It Be a Sign of Infection?

Yes, there is a possibility. They say that the best way to avoid its occurrence is not wearing tight panties and to start keeping the area clean and dry. As a rule, such recommendations are useful even when you have the infection. They help to get rid of clear sticky discharges.

If the discharge does not become smelly and doesn’t change its color, then this is normal vaginal mucus. During the period of ovulation it is stretchy and clear, and during the other periods of the cycle, clear discharge tends to become creamy and white. At times, it can become smelly, which happens only in cases of infection. However, such infections can be easily treated with antibiotics.

An abnormal discharge is the main indicator of HPV or cervical dysplasia. What makes a clear sticky discharge abnormal?  To be sure that the discharge is abnormal, you need to know more about its normal condition: any discharge is a normal flow that is present after puberty in practically all women. It can’t be defined by special colors as it is clear and mucus-like. This flow includes vagina secretions that are mixed with bacteria and old cells that are normally found there. Any departure from the norm requires professional examination.

Sometimes such discharges start changing their colors. When the color is brown, you are to consult your doctor (except for cases when the color is changed 3-4 days before period).

What Is it if not the Infection?

Clear sticky discharges are normal to many women. There is no need to consider them dangerous. Let’s try to find out what their occurrence may possibly be and whether it is possible to escape them:

  • We’ve already spoken about sticky discharges as the signs of ovulation. Around this time the levels of estrogen in the body of a woman increase and stimulate the glands of the cervix. Such discharges help the sperm to be deposited in the vagina and to get up to the uterus.
  • During sexual excitement any woman may have clear sticky discharges, whose main function is to make the penetration of the penis easier. Here the discharge plays the part of a lubricant.
  • While pregnant, an average woman can also experience vaginal discharges of this type. Hormones stimulate the cervix glands and secret large amounts of fluid. During the early stages of pregnancy the amounts of discharges are especially great.
  • Oral contraceptive pills can also lead to the occurrence of discharges. Progesterone and estrogen that are present in birth control pills work by stimulating cervical glands and trigger excessive vaginal discharges in women.
  • Just before periods you can notice clear sticky discharges, whose amounts increase a day before the menses. Sticky discharges soon become brownish and then the bleeding begins. The very day when the discharges get brown is regarded to be the first day of the period.
  • If you are a young girl, then at the time of puberty the levels of hormones increase and decrease spontaneously, leading to the occurrence of discharges and the establishment of the menstrual cycle.

Importance of Personal Hygiene

Though clear sticky discharge may occur because of different reasons, poor hygiene is the main one. If you don’t clean yourself every day, the discharge has a very strong foul or fishy odor and may lead to irritation and burning. Later, it becomes like cottage cheese and is accompanied by a yeast infection.

Very little smell and wetness are normal for any woman. However, when the odor is getting stronger and the amount greater, you should seek a professional consultation.