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Can I Feel Ovulation? Ovulation Symptoms or 6 Signs of Fertility

Each phase of menstrual cycle is accompanied by certain hormonal changes which cause a number of emotional and physical conditions. Ovulation is not an exception and therefore by listening to your body you will be able to detect the most fertile days of your cycle.

To detect ovulation many women use special ovulation tests. Though these tests are accurate and reliable the price may be rather high. If you do not want experimenting with these methods, you should pay attention to natural cues the body gives you. Lets discuss the signs of upcoming ovulation.

Cervical Mucus

Several days before the ovulation women may notice changes in the color, amount and consistency of cervical mucus. When a body prepares to ovulate its starts producing more mucus, which is necessary for sperm transportation. If you notice vaginal discharge that resembles an egg-white this is the first sign of high fertility. In other words, your body is ready for conception.

Breast Tenderness

Before or right after ovulation many women notice tenderness of breast, which is similar to premenstrual breast tenderness. This happens due to the surge of progesterone which may also cause a slight rise of basal body temperature. Thus, if you notice breast tenderness in the middle of your cycle, this means you have ovulated or are very close to ovulation.

Feeling Wetter

As ovulation approaches, cervical fluid becomes more abundant. It also gets thinner and more tenacious. However, not every woman is able to tell if the mucus is of a “proper” color or consistency. Even if you do not observe evident changes in the cervical fluid, but notice that your panties get wetter than usual during the day, or if your vagina is more lubricated during sex you are about to ovulate.


Many women notice light spotting in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation spotting may have pinkish or light-brown color and therefore is sometimes confused with menstruation. During ovulation an egg bursts through the follicle which may lead to light spotting. If spotting does not cause discomfort it is a sign of fertility. Thus, if you notice pinkish spots on your panties, there is a great chance you are ovulating.

Abdominal Pain or Cramping

About 20% of women experience ovulation symptom which is accompanied by abdominal pain. The pain may be cause by the retraction of fallopian tube which moves the egg to the uterus. The pain may occur before during and even after ovulation.

Emotional State

Ovulation is accompanied by the surge of certain hormones. While we are not able to feel the burst of egg through follicle, the increase of hormones has a direct impact on our emotional state. The increase of estrogen has a positive impact on a woman’s emotional state. Many women become more active, self-confident and satisfied. Lots of women feel the splash of sexual drive.

These are the main signs of ovulation. If you want to understand these signs you need to be attentive and listen to the changes in your body. Of course, if you need additional proofs of your fertility its is recommended using ovulation predictor tests.