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Brown Smelly Discharge

Brownish pink discharge with odor

Brown smelly discharge of unexplained nature may bother women of any age at different stages of menstrual cycle. “What can it indicate?”, “Why does it occur?”, “Is it something serious?” are the most frequent questions it triggers. Let’s try to find out the nature of this specific discharge and define gynecological conditions it usually indicates.

Brown Smelly Discharge: What Does It Mean?

As you know, brown spotting may both initiate and complete menstrual bleeding. So, if you notice any traces of brown on your underwear, that means your discharge has blood admixture, i.e. vaginal secretions, mixed with blood. As the bleeding in this case isn’t caused by rupture, its color is not red. A blood tinge of your vaginal secretion is your first concern, especially, if the spotting is not associated with your period. Another trouble is unpleasant scent of the discharge. Almost always it means a pathological vaginal infectious process.

  • Attention! If you have long-term discharge with blood admixture, that is not associated with menstrual bleeding (occurring before or after it), you must undergo a procedure of endometrial biopsy in order to exclude a possibility of endometritis or another uterine pathology.

Brown Smelly Discharge: Is it Something Wrong With You?

  1. You may have discharge of brown color when your period just starts or ends, if you have been living through some situations, extremal for your organism, like a trip to the mountains, stress, acclimatization, etc. Besides, if your discharge is smelly, your pelvic organs are likely to be affected by infection.
  2. Sometimes during uterine cleaning after non-developing pregnancy or abortion, some embryo remains may be left in the uterus. If a woman has brown discharge, that smells bad, after the mentioned procedure she must contact her doctor as soon as possible, as this symptom indicates that the fetal remains begin to decompose.
  3. Dark brown spotting after period with unpleasant smell is typical for endometritis – a disease when the uterine lining is inflamed. Many women with history of such interventions as abortion or diagnostic uterine scraping, develop chronic endometritis. The vaginal secretion during this condition is often smelly. If you have similar discharge a week before your period or a week after, you may have developed the disease.
  4. Thick abundant discharge with unpleasant odor may be secreted after sexual intercourse or on the 2nd day after it, which is explained by the process of vagina cleaning off semen if a condom wasn’t used and your partner ejaculated inside the vagina. This discharge may be brown in case the sexual activity happened in the beginning or end of your period. As a rule, the secretion ends very quickly, within a day at most.
  5. If a woman has cervical erosion, bleeding during sexual intercourse is likely to happen. This may be also a cause of bloody discharge, red or brown in color. If the situation repeats, you should visit a gynecologist.

Brown smelly discharge is a serious reason to visit an experienced doctor, even if you have found quite a harmless explanation for it in this article. Regular gynecological checks help to prevent a plenty of serious diseases, affecting female reproductive system. Having fixed your problem quickly this time, you will be able to preserve your organism function, necessary for successful conception and bearing of a healthy baby.